About Us Meet Jerry Current

Jerry's lifelong involvement in residential design and construction informs his creative insight and appreciation for quality. Most weekends growing up, he worked with his father and older brothers building the next family home. His unique vision and design acumen have achieved incredible marketplace results for his clients, and the community, by helping to add value and restore neighborhoods.​

"Since 97', I have been specializing in Redevelopment Remodel properties to improve neighborhood and property values. I serve as Project Manager and Designer.​"

Jerry Current


Meet Natalie Wilson

Natalie's passion for Real Estate began at a young age when she would attend open houses just for the fun of it on weekends. After graduating college she began working in the real estate field and decided to switch her career path after completely falling in love with the industry. To her, this is not just a job but a career that is always rewarding no matter the task or responsibility. Her in-depth knowledge of the market and relentless work ethic allows her to provide a unique set of skills which benefit her clients. She enjoys working with new or experienced home buyers alike, and is always ready for the next negotiation.

Natalie Wilson