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Pasadena, CA
Although this home looks very beautiful and updated from the outside, the Master Bathroom is not up to the homeowner's taste. We will be modernizing it and giving it that Current Designed touch to transform the bathroom into the contemorary space the client is envisioning.

From the pictures, you may be thinking that this home does not need to be remodeled, but 'need' is all a matter of perspective. This home is, indeed, already very nice but the Master Bathroom is not up to the homeowner's taste so it's our job to customize it to their liking. We want every client to be happy so by giving it more modern touches, this Bathroom will be reimagined into the dream bathroom the client is envisioning.

There has been a whole new color palette change: adding a beautiful blue tile with gold accents for the shower wall really gives it a nice pop of color. The owner chose to go with a light grey tile wall surround which gives off the illusion of sleek wood paneling which also adds an element of warmth to this luxurious Master Bathroom.

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